Saturday, May 29, 2010

The KIng over Troubled Waters

As I mentioned in my very first blog here on April 12, 2010, when I listen to something on Youtube, I keep following links, and I can stay up all night finding musical gems.  I just found a few that are so good that I have to share them.

Elvis Presley was incredibly good at singing many kinds of music.  Of course, there is the sexy, hip swinging, genre which brought him fame.  A good example is  "Jailhouse Rock."

He also had a clean cut genre, as shown in this clip, made when he was in the Army in 1960.  His leading lady here was a puppet, and his audience was children.  The song is a German folk song, but the tune is identical to a tune in Suzuki Book 1, which I teach to my beginning violin students.

I am very moved when I hear Elvis singing gospel music.  It's almost enough to make me a believer.  Here is a very poignant video of Elvis's funeral procession overlaid with a live recording of Elvis singing "Precious Lord Take My Hand."

Elvis also took a beautiful song by Paul Simon, "Bridge over Troubled Waters," and sang it like a gospel song.  I love the original Simon and Garfunkel version, but I love Elvis's version even more.  What soul! It reassures and inspires me.

It's no wonder that he's called "The King."

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