Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Naturalist's Log #5

I walked around my condo complex photographing flowers today, and it was a strenuous experience.  My asthma is absolutely terrible.  There is so much oak pollen floating in the air that I had to brush it off of my socks before I came into my home.  I could not have walked to a store just a few blocks away, and I don't own a car.  I can either (1) stay at home until July or (2) call cabs or get rides from friends.  At least I got some good photos.

Azaleas are in bloom in profusion.  They come in many colors, although I've only shown two here.

Honeysuckle vine, which spreads across many fences, is in bloom now.  I wish I could share its sweet fragrance with you.

Purple iris


 Yellow iris

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