Monday, April 12, 2010

Naturalist's Log #1

This was written on March 21, 2010.

I took a walk around the condo complex, looking for signs of spring.  I found daffodils with large buds showing yellow, about to bloom.  All it will take is one or two warm, sunny days.

The first flower I saw in bloom was periwinkle, a cheerful sign of spring.

 I saw a lot of storm damage from winter snowstorms which had dumped heavy, wet snow on everything in December and January.  The damage is most severe in the evergreens because of the combined weight of the foliage and the snow.  I saw one spruce which was downed completely, and lots of others with their branches dragging on the ground.  Now the condo grounds have lots of tree branches on the ground, and I wonder who will clean things up.  I disposed of a few fallen tree limbs near my condo unit.

I saw a large branch of a pine tree on the ground.  Nearby was sedge grass that looked like it was kissing the ground.  I've never seen sedge grass like this before.  I hope it survives.

One thing I don't like about spring is tree pollen.  The red maples are pollinating now.  I have allergies and asthma.

Tulips sprout long before they bloom, and their foliage can be quite pretty.  Sometimes their foliage looks like swirls of different shades of green, as in the next photo.

Some varieties have attractive, striped leaves.

I finished my walk by going to see the pansies which I knew would be in bloom.  They are cool weather flowers and beauties to treasure in the spring and fall.

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