Sunday, October 9, 2011

Has Hilary Hahn gotten too fishy?

Hilary Hahn recently posted a clip of herself interviewing a fish, but not a real fish. She got many positive comments from her fans.

This is what betta fish are really like.

Now Hahn's fish video has been reviewed by a music critic, David Stearns, at  He talks about the musician/reviewer relationship and tells some interesting stories about his own experiences. Then he writes, "Until now, she has had a relatively sweet relationship with the news media….[but in her fish interview] she seems to mock the news media with surprisingly cheap shots."

I'm a great fan of Hilary Hahn. I love her artistry as a violinist. I also love her communication with the public via Q&A sessions and autograph sessions after concerts, her blog, her Twitter posts, and her TV interviews. I know that she started interacting with kids in the early part of her career, probably because she was a child prodigy and likes interacting with kids. However, I do not like her fish interview. I feel that she is getting too cute-sy. I generally enjoy her posts on her Youtube channel, but now I wonder whether she has gone from being amiable and joyful to being just a little too cute.

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